We are growing…

We are growing, and we have some seats reserved on the bus for the right people.

At Cats & Shepherd, we have a unique way of doing things:we think about our clients first, and we are always improving. If we were a band, I’d say we only hire rock stars, but we are not AC/DC. We do have a Spotify playlist though.

We are a bunch of T players, digital marketers and developers, which means we don’t play well with people who simply show up. We don’t play well with people that don’t care about their craft, that don’t check their work, and only give 60% because it’s Friday. We intensely dislike people who “know it all”, and can’t be bothered to learn something new, every day. All of us will call you on it. Some call it ‘radical candor’, but we just work with the truth.

We do like process and we like getting it right first time, whatever ‘it’ may be. We believe in building work that builds more work, in working smart with the latest tools, and in using plain common sense. We like beautiful work when time allows, and work that works and ships on time. We read a lot. You will read five books just to get up to speed with the rest of the team.

We are digital, through and through.You will not find us in the mode of a traditional agency with its ancient thinking and layers of pedantic chains, and arbitrary levels of seniority. You will work right next to me, the founder, probably learn my passwords, and be able to download everything the past fifteen years of digital marketing has taught me. You’ll get to know my life, and I’ll learn about yours.

We are building a new type of agency, where creative and strategy come together, and clients come to us because we are at the top of our game.

We believe that design and development are different sides of the same coin, and that both are “creative” – it’s just the output that is different.

We are on the brink of something new, and I don’t mean your mother’s social media. If you want to come and learn about the marketing strategies that will shape SA, UK and USA for the next twenty years, you should apply for your spot on the bus below.

Honestly, we don’t care if you have experience in an unrelated field. We care that you work hard; when you say you will do something, you do it, and you never quit. Pride, Passion, Delivery: those count.

Our promise to you:

  • The place where you spend 8+ hours a day will be teaching you new skills and giving you hands-on experience, enabling you to progress as a person first, and a marketer second.
  • We don’t believe you should be chained to your desk. Get out. Get creative. Speak to people.
  • We will involve you as much as possible in the business, so you learn as much as possible.
  • We don’t think any good ideas ever came from someone working by themselves: to us, the creative process is seeded in collaboration. We will try and do as much collaboration as possible, in a way that facilitates discussion. Regardless, everyone will explain the why behind each campaign or creative choice so that you can learn.

Back to that strange way of doing things: we don’t want your CV.

Complete our form , complete the challenge, and we will talk. No challenge, no talk.

Who We’re Hiring Right Now:

  • UX Lead
  • Front End Developer
  • Angular Lead
  • Content Lead
  • Strategy
  • Awesome (Kicking Ass & Taking Names)

Choose your path, padawan:

If you don’t consider yourself fitting into the fields listed above, follow the link and apply – we’re looking to expand that bus seat list anyway. You never know what might happen.