It’s about value

Clients should not pay for agency’s inefficiencies – Paul Roetzer

We believe that billable hour retainers are outdated and not suited to modern marketing, as they do not promote trust in the client relationship. At the outset, the client wants to minimise hours, while the agency strives to maximise them. The model, is broken.

We think services should be tangible with clearly defined costs, features, and benefits, almost like buying a product off a retail shelf or signing up for a software service. Our theory is that, if clients understand exactly what they are getting and agree ahead of time what they are worth, then we can build trust.

The burden should be on us to build systems and processes, and put the right talent in place, to profitably deliver at the set price.

Our subscriptions are priced at a set amount every month, but with you, the client, we will work the deliverables that sit within that budget, and work on those, no matter how long it takes to ensure clients get the full value of every cent spent.

A campaign has a targeted audience, timeline and budget, and is made up of a series of projects, which are allocated values. Each package has a certain amount of value allocated, regardless of how much time is invested to complete each project, the value totals remain constant, thereby ensuring that clients get the full value of every cent.

Project are normally diverse in nature and  include (but not limited to)  app development; content marketing; web development ; advertising management; blog posts; consulting; data analysis; database segmentation; email marketing; lead scoring and nurturing; marketing technology integration; media relations; premium content (e.g. ebooks, webinars, infographics); sales support; social media monitoring, training and support; and strategic planning.