Do the best work of your life

Space Walk | Do the best work of your life | Cats & Shepherd

Our mission:

To build a consultancy where like-minded, passionate people could work under one roof, share unique ideas and bring them to life.

What’s unique is that from the start we have simple notion that building a company isn’t all about work, but also about life, passion and play.

From day one, culture is our bedrock, and it’s been crucial to our success. What we offer is simply the best work environment, with a positive and collaborative atmosphere. We’ve always invested in our people and surroundings, and it’s important to us that a workplace should feel like home.

We stand for something different. We listen, and we believe in what we do. And the most exciting thing? We’re just getting started.

In addition to working alongside smart and interesting people in our Umhlanga office, we offer a wide range of professional perks. We’re proud of our team, and make sure to take great care of each member.

We are hiring