We are different

We are different | Cats & Shepherd

You get extreme flexibility and a sharp focus on your most important business objectives. Our unique value based pricing means no wasted time or surprises.

Cats & Shepherd is a business growth consultancy with a new way of thinking. Our job is to produce results that impact the bottom line.

As consumers tune out of traditional, interruption-based marketing methods and choose when and where to interact with brands, businesses must connect with consumers on their terms and create compelling customer experiences.

We share a common belief that businesses need to out think, rather than outspend, their competition. Playing by everybody else’s rules is a surefire way to lose, whereas innovation—and thinking differently—is rewarded.

We are a forward-thinking organisation with next-generation professionals who excel in disciplines such as creative thinking, design, analytics, automation, content marketing, email, mobile and social networking.

The job of everyone at Cats & Shepherd, from the copywriter to the MD, is to connect actions to outcomes.

Only two things matter: acquisition and retention. All focus is on these two business outcomes.

We build reach and brand at the top of the marketing funnel, generate leads and convert sales in the middle, and retain customers and increase loyalty at the bottom of the funnel.

We help you create the extraordinary, starting with the immediate needs of today, while strategically planning for the opportunities of tomorrow.